"My statement to the world has always been about freedom of expression.The sacred union of physical, spiritual, emotional and artistic freedom is the heart of my be-ing. As a movement specialist, I see so many people who are imprisoned within their own bodies, and that lack of freedom affects them to the core.

I believe that when you feel free in your body, you ARE free. That moving our bodies is one of the most basic forms of expression we have. That the vibration of our grace in motion creates it’s own imprint on the world, and that the harmonization of these things can bring us closer to inner and outer Peace."


I build environments for people to move in. 

Ever since I can remember, I have been practicing some form of mindful movement, designing clothes, and teaching people how to move their bodies. This took various forms over the years, with ballet being my first profession, then evolving in to a career teaching Yoga and Pilates , until finally I discovered the Gyrotonic Expansion System®, and experienced a “ coming home” when I met those beautiful machines.

I quickly pursued that system, moving to the States ( from Canada) to do so, and studying extensively with it's founder Juliu Horvath to eventually become a Specialized Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis Master Trainer.

 I am fascinated with the link between the breath, connective tissue and core strength, and am a perpetual student of breathwork, aerial yoga, functional anatomy and a variety of somatic methods. I am constantly exploring different approaches to body movement, and delight in integrating them for my clients. 

The transformative work I do with my clients touches on all of these modalities, and sessions vary depending on the person in front of me and their goals. 



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